Alberta Permanent Cosmetics Centre - FAQ's
Alberta Permanent Cosmetics Centre - Carol Getz - Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional
Common FAQs
Are you Certified?
Absolutely!! I am one of a handful of certified technicians in Canada.
Whats the difference between the Traditional Tattooing process and Permanent Makeup?
Where both procedures involve tattooing the skin, in traditional tattooing, pigment is added to the third layer of the skin, where in permanent makeup pigment is added to the second layer of the skin, called the Dermis, creating a final result of a soft blend of color to the tattooed area.
Is this procedure painful?
Strong Topical anesthetics are used to minimize discomfort. I specialize in pain management. Lips tend to be the most painful procedure.
Do I have a choice of colors?
Definitely! There’s a wide spectrum of colors you may choose from.
Do I have a choice in the placement of pigments?
Absolutely. During your procedure, together we will decide on design, placement and the color will be determined together.
What is involved in recovery?
There will be slight swelling and redness in the skin, which will subside quickly. You may resume most normal activities immediately after the procedure.

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